Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fox - April 15

The Fox

Price: $

 First off, I don't even know how we came across this place. I believe we were at the park and I just did a random search on my slow android phone and picked something with a cool name. So... here we are!

 Walking into the place, it's very small but really cozy. Definitely a neighborhood place to come to. 

 Some of the items on the menu you would definitely not expect to see at a little place like this but I was pleasantly surprised. 

 Just to let you know, a BLT is the greatest sandwich ever invented in my opinion. But I didn't want just a normal BLT. No! I ordered the BLFGT. Try to guess that! It has bacon, lettuce and a fried green tomato on it! WHAT??? I know! And it was delicioussss! Don't hate on it until you try it. Trust me.

 And my boyfriend just had to get the weirdest thing on the menu. It was called the Coyote Burger. It had onions, bacon, a spicy "Coyote" sauce and then a fried egg! He said he's never going back to a normal burger ever again. Guess that egg really cracked him...

Yea, I know. Lame.

 I do believe that I will be going back here very soon. Cute little place to go on a nice afternoon of walking around riverside and absolutely affordable for those college students out there. Go go go!

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