Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bagel Love - March 25

Bagel Love
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 I woke up kind of early this morning and decided to treat myself to a little sumin' sumin'. So while I was driving around aimlessly, I was contemplating on where to go and spend my money. I remembered that I had kept hearing about this place called Bagel Love and how it had only been open for about a month and was already getting a shining reputation. Trying this place out couldn't hurt, right? It definitely didn't.

 This cute little place is located on a corner off of St. Johns Avenue in Riverside and it certainly is unique. They have about twenty different types of bagels and ten or more different flavors of cream cheese. They also make sandwiches, breakfast and lunch bagels and even have things like hummus and flavored honeys to buy. Super cute!

 I didn't really want anything sweet so I ordered the Sun-Dried Tomato bagel with Herb and Spice cream cheese and it was so yummy!! 

 The bagels here are definitely not like something you buy in the store. They are thick, chewy and doughy and most definitely will fill you up. I usually toast my bagels to a crisp because I hate when the texture feels like just bread and cream cheese. It's gross. But these are so different. They toasted it, but barely, and it was perfect. And let me tell you something else, they do NOT skimp on the cream cheese!

Exhibit A:

 I have to ask for something to put the cream cheese in next time because I had so much left over. I almost cried when I had to throw it away! 

 I might be going in there to buy some of their chocolate honey. Yum! I would really recommend this place on a relaxing morning or even for a quick breakfast on the way to work. Go in and order a warm bagel, have a cup of hot coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice and read the paper or your favorite book. It was really nice going on a gorgeous day like it was today.

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  1. I'm not ever sure how I found your site a few weeks ago, but I just wanted to say I really enjoy it. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! That means a lot!